Frequently Asked Questions


1. Should I buy Instagram followers?

Absolutely not. Buying Instagram followers is one of the worst things you can do for your business. When you inflate your following with inactive bot accounts, your engagement plummets. Instagram users are savvy and they’ll notice something’s up if you have 100,000 followers, but your posts only receive 50 likes. Once followers realize you’re trying to dupe them into thinking you have more followers than you do, they’ll move on.

Boosting your following in the short term is not worth ruining your reputation in the long term.

Instead, focus on quality of followers and content, not quantity. Share engaging, relevant, informative, and entertaining content with your followers. Appreciate and nurture a relationship with the followers you have.

This is exactly what I do for every Instagram I manage for my clients. And if goes without saying, but I never buy followers or likes.

2. What sort of niche will see the best results with your services?

I specialize in Instagram marketing for product-based small businesses and business that provide tangible services, like photographers, beauty salons, and more.

3. What packages are available?

I currently offer three services: Instagram Account Management, Instagram Marketing Strategy, and Hashtag Strategy Guide. Each service is personalized with your business and goals in mind.

Instagram Account Management is my most requested service and for good reason! I started Soto Social Management to help small business owners get back to doing what they love. Social media management is usually not something my clients enjoy doing, so I’m happy to take it off their plate. For management, I offer two packages (but can create a custom package depending on what the client needs). The main differences between the two packages are the number of posts shared per week and the level of engagement, but both serve as a way to help my clients maintain a consistent and on-brand Instagram presence.

My Instagram Marketing Strategy service is for business owners who have the time (and desire) to manage their account themselves, but need help creating a plan to get started. Clients receive a 40+ page PDF created just for them that's jam-packed with information about everything they need to know to successfully market their business using Instagram, including personalized goals, detailed information about the basics of using Instagram for business, post ideas (including Instagram Stories), strategies for how to increase engagement, followers, and reach, a customized set of hashtags to use, and more.

The Hashtag Strategy Guide is perfect for those who have a solid strategy in place, but want to boost their engagement and attract their dream followers / customers. What most people don’t realize is that there needs to be a strategy in place in order for their hashtags to reach the right people. The Hashtag Strategy Guide will increase your engagement, help get your posts in front of your ideal customer, and teach you exactly how to use hashtags effectively to achieve your business goals. It includes 45 hashtags researched specifically for your business and a guide filled with actionable tips for how to use hashtags on Instagram.

4. On a monthly basis, what sort of results will people see with your service?

The results clients can expect while working with me vary depending on which service they choose.

For Instagram Marketing Strategy creation, results depend on whether or not my client chooses to implement the strategy. If they focus on the goals I set for them and follow the strategies shared, they can expect to see increases in their engagement, followers, reach, and clicks to their website month over month. Not to mention, they’re able to focus their energy on other things because they have a ready-to-implement plan for Instagram made for them.

For Instagram Account Management, my clients typically see steady increases in followers (2-6% increase per month on average), engagement (average engagement rate for my clients sit around 6-8% — 3% is the platform’s average), reach, and clicks to their website. Above all, the majority of my clients thank me for the freedom they feel while I manage their account! Because of this service, business owners are able to focus on why they started their business in the first place, without sacrificing time and effort to market themselves online.

For the Hashtag Strategy Guide, my clients typically see an almost immediate increase in their engagement once hashtags are implemented.

What I always tell my clients to keep in mind is that Instagram marketing for business is a marathon, not a sprint. My services provide steady growth and focus on converting followers into customers. I don’t work with businesses who expect overnight success. Building long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty is paramount to building trust with potential customers and that takes time. At the end of the day, if you’re using Instagram to grow your business, the amount of followers you have means nothing unless those followers turn into customers.

5. Once a business owner decides to work with you, what do you need from them to maximize the effectiveness of your service?

Once a new client hires me for account management, I send over an invoice for the first month of service and a contract that outlines the services we agreed upon. I also send over an in-depth brand questionnaire, which includes questions about their business, goals, dream customers, and more. I always encourage my clients to provide as much detail as possible during this step because the information is used to drive content creation and engagement outreach.

Aside from that, I also request login information for their Instagram account and create a Google Album for them to upload images. For Instagram Account Management, I use images my clients provide, user-generated images, and royalty-free stock images to create the content calendar.

The Instagram Marketing Strategy and Hashtag Strategy Guide can be purchased directly on my website. Once purchased, my client will receive an email with more details about the process, a bran questionnaire, and their next steps.

6. What would you say to a business owner who’s unsure about taking the step to work with you?

Soto Social Management was born out of my obsession with Instagram and my desire to help small business owners sell their products and services, build an online community, and grow their business.

My experience working at several agencies before taking the leap into entrepreneurship helped open my eyes to an industry that only offered one-size-fits-all marketing solutions for their clients. With a degree in advertising and an understanding that no two small businesses are alike, I made it my mission to offer Instagram marketing services personalized to each of my clients. Every day, I get to work with incredible small business owners who trust me to help them make their dreams come true. It’s pretty amazing!

If you’d like to work with me, but are on the fence, I encourage you to read my blog (there’s tons of free content there!), or send me an email with any questions you may have.

7. What makes your service better than others out there?

There are plenty of social media managers out there, but (as cliche as it sounds) there’s only one me. While many agencies promise their clients “thousands of new followers a month," I promise my followers quality content, genuine engagement, and steady growth.

The thing is, any company that promises a specific number of followers for their client is most likely purchasing fake followers and using techniques that go against Instagram's terms and conditions.

I never buy followers, likes, or comments for your business. This type of business model produces one-size-fits all service, lackluster quality, and disappointing results. I care too much about your success to do that.

With Soto Social Management, I work alongside your business to better understand your needs and goals. I take the information you share, and the market research I conduct, to create content unique to your business that speaks directly to your target audience. I embody your business’s mission and personality while genuinely engaging with potential customers and responding to any comments or direct messages on your posts to ensure your audience knows there’s a real person behind your account.

Something my clients love is the fact that they never have to wonder what I'm up to with their account. I create a monthly content calendar that outlines exactly what will be posted and when, then send it off for their approval / edits before scheduling anything. At the end of each month, I provide an analytics report that outlines how their account is growing and details about what's working and what needs tweaking. Between these two things, my clients have full visibility before and after in the management process.