3 Myths Holding You Back From Connecting With Your Dream Customers on Instagram

Is there one myth about Instagram that you just can't seem to shake?

A myth that no matter how hard you try, continues to push you further and further away from using Instagram to market your business and reach your dream customers?

Now imagine you were able to shake that myth and effectively market your business on Instagram with confidence.

Well you can — below I'll introduce you to 3 common myths holding you back from connecting with your dream customers and share exactly how you can overcome them.  

Learn about the 3 myths holding you back from connecting with your dream customers on Instagram and how you can overcome them today! | SotoSocial.com 

Myth #1: “No one cares about what I have to say.”

I'm going to come right out and say it, people do care about what you have to say. There's a reason people are following you on Instagram — it's because they're interested in you, your business, and the content you're sharing.

If you're pressing pause on sharing new content because you're worried no one will be interested, it's time to talk to your audience. Find out what content your followers want to see more of from you on your account. You can do this by

  • sharing a post that explicitly asks what content your followers love seeing from you.
  • hosting a poll on Stories with content options and letting your followers pick their favorites.

Knowing exactly what content your followers enjoy, and continuing to listen to their wants, is the best way to silence this myth and feel confident about the content you're sharing daily.

Myth #2: "People will think I’m desperate if I use hashtags."

If I had a nickle for every time I heard someone say this... 💸 While it may feel odd sharing 30 hashtags along with your post, the truth is that rarely anyone actually looks at your hashtags or cares that you're using them.

Sharing hashtags in your caption (or in the first comment of your post) is common practice for many Instagrammers and has been for years. If you're using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business, it's almost expected to see hashtags accompanying your post, and people are so used to seeing them that their eyes skim right past them and focus on your content.

You can put your hashtags in two places on Instagram: in the post caption or in the first comment of your post. | SotoSocial.com

While hashtags are still the best way to find content and get found on Instagram, it's important to mention that using any old hashtags simply won't do. You must pair your post with relevant hashtags that describe your photo, the community you're a part of, or the message your caption conveys.

For example: When I share Instagram tips, I use the hashtags #instagramexpert #instagramtips #socialmediatips so people looking for this information can easily find me.

By understanding your target audience and what hashtags they're using and searching for, you'll be able to create a set of targeted hashtags that'll put your content right in front of them.

If you're feeling like hashtag research is too much to add to your plate right now, grab a personalized Hashtag Strategy Guide! It'll walk you through how to use hashtags effectively and includes a set of 30 hashtags personally researched for your business.


Myth #3: “I can only share professional photos.”

Instagram is a visual storytelling platform. Whether you’re sharing a graphic, photograph, or video, your audience will
always respond positively to high-quality, eye-catching content. However, this doesn't mean you need to be a professional photographer to share content on Instagram!

There are so many options out there for you to share high-quality content, including:

Free Stock Photos
Unsplash.com is my go-to for beautiful, high-quality images from photographers around the world for a couple reasons:

  1. Every image is free to use for commercial and noncommercial purposes, meaning you're free to use any image found on the website in an ad, on your website, or in a post selling your product.
  2. Credit to the photographer or Unsplash isn't required. However, many photographers do share their website and Instagram handle in their profile, so I always make it a point to give them credit on Instagram.
  3. There are hundreds of thousands of beautiful images to choose from.

With the seemingly endless options Unsplash offers, you're bound to find images that fit your brand and help fill in the content gaps with you're running low on photos.

User-Generated Content
This method is perfect for you if your business sells products, or anything that can be easily photographed and shared online (think happy hair salon clients showing off their new 'do). The first step to collecting user-generated content from your audience is to create a branded hashtag. Once that's created, you'll want to let your audience know about it so they can start using it! After a while, your audience will start sharing photos using your branded hashtag and you'll have a bucket of content to share on your own feed. Just make sure to always credit the person who shared the post and/or the photographer by tagging them in both the photo and your caption.

Using a tool like Canva to create engaging graphics is another great way to supplement your feed when you're low on photos. Use their free design tools to create quote graphics, add text to an image, or create Instagram Stories.

Hiring a Photographer
Outsourcing this task is always an option if you're short on time. A quick Google search will show you plenty of talented photographers in your city who would be happy to work with you to photograph your business. Investing in high-quality visual content for your business is always beneficial. Consumers have come to expect beautiful imagery from the businesses they follow on social media, and are often swayed to visit or make a purchase based on these photos.

Instagram Stories
If you're wanting to share more "real life" stuff on Instagram, Stories is the tool you're looking for. Sharing on Stories allows you to maintain your feed aesthetic without feeling like you're compromising on sharing more candid moments with your audience. One thing to keep in mind: what you share on Stories is still a reflection of your business, so make sure the content you share aligns with your brand. 

Are these 3 myths holding you back from connecting with your dream customers on Instagram? Not anymore. Learn how you can overcome these roadblocks today! | SotoSocial.com

There you have it! Three myths holding you back from connecting with your dream customers on Instagram proven wrong.

Instagram is still the best social media platform to market and grow your business, connect with your audience on a deeper, more personal level, and to sell your stuff. Don't let these myths hold you back from using Instagram as the powerful marketing tool it is!

Ready to start using Instagram effectively to market your business, connect with your target audience, and sell your stuff?

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