New Feature: How to Add Hashtag and Profile Links in Your Instagram Bio

Exciting news! Instagram just introduced a new way to share what you love and connect with even more people. 

They announced today in a blog post that hashtag and profile links within your bio are now available. 

Keep reading to learn about this new feature and how you can use it on your own profile to increase exposure, connect with your audience, express your interests, and more.

Instagram's new hashtag and profile linking feature is so beneficial for your business. Learn how to use it and get some inspiration! |

How to add a hashtag or profile link to your bio

Open your Instagram app and tap on Edit Profile, then tap your bio section to edit.

From there, your bio will expand and you'll be able to add your hashtag and/or profile link by simply typing # or @ and choosing from the recommended hashtags and accounts that pop up.

Select the hashtags and accounts you want to feature in your bio, then tap Done to save your updates. Any hashtags or profile links added will be automatically linked in your bio!

When clicked, users will be redirected to the hashtag or account you linked on your profile.

Instagram hashtag and profile links new feature
Instagram hashtag and profile links new feature
Instagram hashtag and profile links new feature

Some things to keep in mind...

  • There is no limit to the amount of hashtags or profiles you tag in your bio, but you are only allowed to write a bio with up to 150 characters.
  • If you mention any accounts in your bio, the account will be notified and can choose whether or not they want to be linked in your bio. If they choose not to be linked in your bio, "their profile will remain in your bio but without a link."
  • Linked hashtags and profiles will show as blue in your bio.  

How to use this new feature

Add your branded hashtag to your profile

Showcasing your branded hashtag in your bio has always been a great way to remind and encourage new and existing followers to use your hashtag when sharing about your business online.

But now, with hashtags being clickable on both mobile and desktop, users are able to easily take a look at the content being shared by your fans without the hassle of having to leave your profile, head to the Explore tab, and search your hashtag. 

Instagram/ JustineMCouture



Tag brands or businesses you're collaborating with

Whether you're using Instagram for fun or for business, your bio is the perfect space to share more about yourself - including the businesses you work for or collaborate with.

  • If you're an influencer, you can link to brands you're an ambassador for.
  • If you're a brewery collaborating with a local business on a new brew, you can promote the collaboration in your bio by tagging the local biz. 
  • If you're a proud employee, you can share about it in your bio and tag your business so your followers can learn more and visit its profile.
Instagram/ JessicaEHowell



Promote an event

Let your followers, and any new visitors to your profile, know about an upcoming event you're hosting by sharing about it in your bio and linking to the event's hashtag or location via profile link.

Instagram/ Girlboss


Instagram/ HomeBakeshopll



Let people know where else they can find you

If you have more than one Instagram account for various projects and side hustles, you can let people know exactly who the creator of the account is, who started the movement, or who else is involved by tagging the account in your bio.

This way, you'll be able to invite people to learn more about you through your various accounts.

Instagram/ Workparty



Are you planning to use the new hashtag and profile linking feature? If you found this post helpful, I'd love to hear from you! Let me know how you plan to use this new feature in the near future.

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